How Brand Photos Save You Time & Make You Money

I've helped my clients create 3119+ pieces of content And This is What I've Learned.

Hey there, my name is Heather & I’m a boss babe photographer. I work with female entrepreneurs to create authentic and real brand photos for their businesses. I help women get visible online by helping them create content they can then use across all their platforms. I decided to jump on the blog train and share my knowledge as a female brand photographer. Hang in there with me, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

As a brand photographer, my goal is to help my clients by creating amazing brand photos for them to use. Every full session with me yields 3 MONTHS WORTH OF CONTENT! Thats 90 pieces of content that they can use over & over! They now have images to go with their content pieces, photos to put on Insta. They can use these images to launch programs, course, masterminds. They get to start building their brand, and really show up, and get VISIBLE!

The relief I have seen with these women when they are deciding what to share is amazing. They don't have to spend so much time trying to take a decent selfie. Imagine how much time they are saving?!

Now, math is NOT my forte so lets go over this together shall we?

Lets say it takes 20 min to get one good selfie that we want to post.

And we do this twice a day to stay consistent.

20 X 2 = 40
Thats 40 minutes per day (minimum!)
And we do this 7 times a week.

40 X 7 = 280

Thats 280 minutes a week!
And they need to do this for 3 months; which is the equivalent of a session with me.
So lets assume all months have 30 days and you spend 40 min a day taking photos all month long.

40 X 30 =1200

You still with me here?
Yes that is 1200 minutes a month.

Now I've helped create over 3119 pieces of content. And if that takes 20 minutes for each piece......

3119 X 20 = 62,380

I've helped my clients save 62,380 minutes of their time so far.


When my clients hire me, they are SAVING SOOOO MUCH TIME! They can now use that time to work with their clients, spend time with family, focus on other aspects of their life, or have more time for themselves whatever that may look like. I didn't realize how much time I was actually saving my clients until l took a good look at what I've accomplished. I feel so incredible that I have been able have such an impact in their businesses.

Time is the most valuable thing we own. No amount of money can buy you more time but you can take control of where you are spending your time.

How much time are you wasting trying to get the right photos? Are you ready to delegate that to someone else and take back control of your time? I would love to talk with you and see what this can look like for you.

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