4 Reasons Brand Photos will Boost Your Bottom Line!

Reason#1: Someone else is taking the photo! Haha no but seriously, having someone else take your photo is easier than trying to do it yourself. Trust me, I've tried & it doesn't work well LOL. Knowing that you have a pro taking your photo means they are going to make sure you look good, and its less work for you to do. You have enough on your plate already. Sometimes its much simpler to delegate that to someone else.

When you can focus on making sales and working with your clients, you don't have to worry about finding time every day to take your own photos.

Reason#2: Content content content! Photos of you, and the things you want to share are content. And its sooo easy to repurpose it too! If you are tired of constantly having to ask for someone to take your photo (we all have our instagram husbands! haha) and want it done right the first time; its time to hire a pro and create your own content. The better your content, the better your audience can be educated, entertained, given value, and that in turn increases the sales you have.


Reason#3: Marketing materials. You have a new course about to launch and you know that you need to start promoting it and you need really amazing photos that speak to your ideal clients. You want them to vibe with your own energy so that they will sign up. They need to see photos of your beautiful face! This will help you get more clients!

Reason#4: People want to know other people. People CONNECT with others by seeing your face and finding ways to relate to you. You can start building relationships online sharing by letting your audience know who you are. You have to pull back the curtain and allow them in. You cant be a faceless business and expect people to buy from you. Your face is your brand and your brand is your face. Utilizing yourself and marketing yourself will make it easy for others to recognize you. By doing this you are able to start growing your audience which will then allow them to become clients.

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