Hey there! My name is Heather and I’m based in Columbus, Ohio.

I am a personal brand photographer for entrepreneurs and boss babes. I help women identify their personal brand and what makes them unique. Branding Photoshoots allow the real you to come forth & shine. It’s time to make your social media sparkle! Lifestyle photoshoots allow us to capture unposed and truly authentic images. We work together to identify your brand and create the perfect photoshoot for you. I curate the style you desire for your images. Sure you get headshots but its so much more than that. Your true personality comes through and creates the platform to build relationships with your audience.

Brand Photography is like a double shot of confidence for your business.

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is a photoshoot where we collaborate to create custom images that reflect you, your business, your services, and the kind of relationship you want to have with your audience. I help you embrace the message that you want to send and the mission that got you started on your path and the reason why you keep going.
Creating visual content that is customized to your vision and high expectations; we will create imagery that is engaging and shows the value that you put into your service, and the product you provide. You are a unique individual and your brand should reflect your style and uniqueness. These photos will show your audience that they need the service you provide. The images drive home the reason they need the product you offer. Being able to create a visual representation of your story and brand is so powerful to continue sharing your message, building relationships; and of course to grow the business you have worked so hard at.

I create a customized and completely unique photoshoot for you and your business. I want you to feel truly represented when we work together.

Define your true essence.

Capturing your story.

Social media platforms make it so easy to share photos and gain insight to each others lives.  Instagram and Facebook are growing larger by the day and make it incredibly easy to connect with your audience. We live in a world where people are seeking connection and approachability and we want to do business with real people who they can relate to and trust. Now more than ever its so important to showcase your personality & do it in a beautiful way.

As a personal branding photographer my mission has several goals:

-Telling your story the way you want it to be told so that it is true to you, helping you identify your personal brand and sell it authentically so you can grow your business and be successful and last but definitely NOT least I want to make you feel empowered and amazing so you can go forth with confidence.

So here's the deal.
By showing what you value, you show them what is important to you, that can be anything that makes you passionate! That you are can also be found watching Netflix on the weekends, or sleeping in, or checking out the local farmers market. They want to be able to relate to who you are. People connect better when they can relate. You need new images to share all the time, but you don't always have time to be taking pictures. You're busy running a business or taking time to spend with family or doing a million other things. Plus selfies & cell phone pics aren’t cutting it anymore for business photos but there is a time and place for those (I love selfies).

If any of the following apply to you then you know that your headshots are the first thing people will see when they visit your website. And being the smart cookie that you are, you know how much of an impact first impressions can have.

- You reinvented yourself and ready to rebrand with updated portraits to reflect your personal and business growth and any transformation you have gone through to get you there.

- Is it time to take the leap in “going pro” and you need headshots that express your individuality while making a strong brand statement, to give you that online presence that will separate you from the rest of your industry?

- Do you desire to show your customers that you are a real living and breathing human behind the business?

- Searching for new, fun & inventive ways to capture your brand story, so you can show the rest of the world your vision in a truly memorable way?

You need more than a headshot, you need an online makeover to show your best self, the real you.

This is where I can help.  I work with female entrepreneurs all over the country & I’m even available to fly overseas. I help you by walking you through the process of identifying your brand, your message and your reason why. Everything I do is customized to you, and your brand and what is important for you to tell your audience. I want to know you, your business and help you with creating images that will allow your audience to engage with you and help you increase conversions for ads, websites, new launches, books, and webinars and seminars. I come to you and where you need me. Whether that is home, your office, special events or vacations; wherever it is I got you! Tell me your ideas and what you want to create, together we can make it possible! Working one on one to know your brand will allow me to understand it and keep you supplied with fresh images.


Authenticity is key.

Every story is a layer to who you are.

What stories do you want to share?